What is Lezyne Alert tech and how does it work?

New to the market in 2020 is Lezyne’s Alert technology that is embedded into a range of it’s rear lights. But what exactly does this mean and how does it work?

Simply put, the lights work much like a car’s tail lights. Each unit contains an accelerometer - an electromechanical device that’s used to measure acceleration, much like the one in your smartphone.

This clever device detects when a rider is slowing down, which triggers the light’s highest brightness mode for a short blast before switching to a pulse as the rider comes to a complete halt. The light then returns to its previous output mode once the rider resumes their ride.

The 15-second video below demonstrates the tech in action.

Lezyne is known for their bullet-proof build quality and the lights provide up to 270° of visibility, as well as being highly water resistant. With 11 output modes, including a Daytime Flash mode, it’s got options for any time day or night. A versatile mounting system attaches to aero or round posts and it’s micro-USB rechargeable.

We currently have 5 models of Leyne Alert light in stock: